I'm a serial entrepreneur.


I used to be a banker, striving through all the challenges that the corporate world brings. In 2012, I kicked off those heels and decided to carry on different role: mommy, wife, entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger and biz coach with my flipflops on!

Mommy Ginger is my own personal blog where I share my adventures as a mom. Aside from that, I also share business, marketing and freelancing tips to all of my readers. The purpose of the blog is really to share experiences (from my own and from other entrepreneurs and freelancers) to provide learning and inspiration! Hope you can check it out!




Manila Workshops is an entity that focuses on creating learning events and expos for entrepreneurs and freelancers. We value continuous learning. We do not believe that age, nor stature, is a reason for an individual to stop learning.

Manila Workshops was established to provide a venue for people to continuously learn and aspire for their entrepreneurial or personal goals in life. We are continuously creating workshops that would help enhance knowledge in these different areas: creativity, entrepreneurship/business, and freelancing.



Coaching Sessions


Do you want to create a plan for your business or for your own personal brand? Do you want to build a community, a freelancing agency? Do you want help in marketing?

As a business and marketing consultant, I help business owners and freelancers develop strategies that would help them achieve their business and personal objectives.

I'm truly excited to meet you!

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